About me

Like most people, I started making buildings out of Lego when I was about five or six: castles, police stations and houses.  But it was only as a grown up, when I had children of my own, that I started to realise its full potential.   Encouraged by the challenges laid down by my two sons I started building some more imaginitave creations out of their Lego: dinosaurs, a steam engine, a submarine and then the space shuttle.  At that point I didn’t have any lego of my own!

Denis Donoghue

I’ve always had an interest in the built environment – I studied Town Planning at University – and enjoyed making models as a student out of cardoard and balsa. But it was the inspiration provided by Warren Elsmore‘s BrickWorld exhibition at Paisley Museum that led me to start making Glasgow’s buildings out of Lego.  I was amazed at how Warren had recreated some of the world’s iconic buildings in Lego and wanted to see some of Glasgow’s landmarks.  A few google searches later I realised that the Dear Green Place had been sadly overlooked by previous master builders.

I set about making the Barrowland Ballroom as my first grown-up challenge, and since then have moved on to build several other iconic Glasgow buildings.  Inspired by fans and customers, and helped by my two sons, I’m continuing to build Glasgow in Lego; brick by brick.

Find out more about my story in this People Make Glasgow blog post.  I’ll be posting more news and information here over the coming weeks, but you can also follow me through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.